Brother LS2125i Review Easy-to-Use, portable Sewing Machine

Brother LS2125i Review Easy-to-Use, portable Sewing Machine – The Brother LS2125i offers one of the best choices for basic home sewing in the market today. It is a low priced item, but it has an enough quality. For those who get used to the traditional mechanical sewing machine, the Brother LS2125i with a lot of automatic features makes it more efficient product. The user who sews simply needs to consider what creative style user wants to design.

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Overview of features

Brother LS2125i Review Easy-to-Use, portable Sewing Machine

Ease of use
This manual dial is helpful that keep your stitches to be smooth, rather than wrinkle or loose. It is easy to operate the dail that users just turn the dial to the left to decrease thread tension, and to the right to increase. you’ll keep the same settings of stitches for most sewing, but can enhance the tension easily as needed for the heavy duty, and reduce for some light weight fabrics.
Users can easily select your desired stitch via turning the dial.

Automatic, four-step buttonholes
It is easy to create buttonholes with the four-step built-in buttonhole stitch and the corresponding buttonhole foot. And use the included button fitting foot and then sew on every button.

With its brief size and carrying handy design, the Brother LS2125i sewing machine is easy to move and store. You can easily put it on all desks or tables, for faster sewing, without the need for a special sewing table.

Easy threading
There is a diagram showed on the machine that you just follow it and will have your machine threaded in a short time.

Built-in free arm
It is perfect for sewing pant legs, sleeves on clothing, and other small items.

It includes some very useful accessories like:

  1. Zipper foot
  2. Buttion sewing foot
  3.  Buttonhole foot
  4. 3 bobbins, needle set, twin needle, screwdriver, extra spool pin, and darning plate
  5. Foot controller pedal

Brother LS2125i Review Easy-to-Use, portable Sewing Machine

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The Brother LS2125i is suitable for moving from place to place as it is small and lightweight. It is easy to move at the same time due to its handy design and fewer force is needed to carry it from one place to another. Even a child can carry it easily.

This sewing machine is an excellent one for beginners who will fully enjoy it. It will be a nice decision to purchase this machine as it comes with a great warranty.

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