Singer 9960 Review Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

Singer 9960 Review  – The Singer 9960 is a versatile, computerized and automatic sewing machine. Its sewing maximum speed is 850 stitches-per-minute and has 650 preset built-in stitches for all types of projects including quilting, crafting, sewing clothing, decorative sewing and so on. Users can select a special stitch via a convenient press of a button on the machine. Comparing to poor equipped sewing machines, the machine gives more choice to different level sewing users and meets them perfectly. The Singer 9960 sewing machine also has an convenient start/stop button feature that allow users to control the start and stop of the machine easily instead of an foot pedal that easy to make you tired. A lot of automatic features from the machine are impressive as well. These nice features include automatic buttonholes, automatic adjusting tension, needle threading, adjusting presser foot pressure, quick bobbin winding.

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Singer 9960 Review  Computerized Sewing Machine Overview

Singer 9960 Review 2017

Computerized operation
The computerized feature makes the Singer 9960 a dependable, time-saving, durable and steady sewing machine.
Under the help of computerized function, users will get more precise results and commit fewer errors. If some components are set up incorrectly, the sewing machine will give an corresponding error information.
When using a stitch, the LCD display screen will give a tip that users should use the given presser foot on LCD.

Easy to use
The Singer 9960 sewing machine is very friendly. Some people inevitably feel it complicated initially. Attachments and on-screen instructions will be very helpful when users process projects.

More convenience
The push-button stitch selection feature provides a lot of optimum settings.
Tension, length and width of stitches can be set automatically and also adjusted manually with the push-button.
You can select your pleased stitch with a press of corresponding button.
The bright LED white lamp makes the machine’s work area surface brighter.
The bulb remains nice even though the sewing machine is working for many hours.

Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist is most recommended to experienced sewers and designers. It is also suitable for beginners as well due to the computerized machine is easier to learn to use. the inclusion of too many features may be complicated. Some may not easily understand its operating that makes it harder to proceed. However, after work with the machine for some time, they can quickly appreciate and rely on its most useful features.

Singer 9960 Review 2017

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So you make final decide to buy Singer 9960 stylish computerized sewing machine. It is obvious a valuable decision. You will enjoy sewing on it undoubtedly.

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